Near Space Conference

Pierwsza w Polsce konferencja dotycząca Near Space. Już niedługo!


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>Jakub Ryzenko

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Jakub Ryzenko

Head of Crisis Information Centre, Space Research Centre PAS Jakub Ryzenko is a space policy and crisis management expert. He is actively involved in several research and development activities and he advises the Polish government and the Polish parliament on space policy matters. In 2004-2008 he was the Head of the Polish Space Office. In 2011-2013 he was involved in the accession of Poland to the European Space Agency. Since then he has regularly acted as a space policy advisor for different governmental institutions and the Polish parliament. Currently he is actively involved in definition of the Polish national space programme. In safety and security domain, he focuses on effective use of space-related solutions for international security, civil protection and humanitarian operations. Since 2013 he heads the Crisis Information Centre at Space Research Centre PAS, which develops space-related innovative solutions as well as provides operational support for crisis management institutions in Poland. He has coordinated or overseen over 40 operational activations of satellite and UAVs information support for crisis situations.

Near Space Conference – 20/11/2021